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The Best Ways to Learn Video Poker

The Best Ways to Learn Video Poker

Learn Video Poker

The Best Ways to Learn Video Poker

Poker 4d online is one of the most popular casino games to have existed and still holds onto that position. As the success of the game brings in more gamblers, the variations entering the bustle increases. Video poker is one such game that drew many fans to try out the unprecedented experience. Although it is easy to play, the wide range of available pay tables and games could make it look convoluted. You can play the game with ease by learning the basics, further helping you to select the right machine. Several study methods are available these days, and you can access them as and when you like.

Take the learning process at a slow pace and make sure not to overlook any of the important details. A step by step description of how video poker works and its different pay tables and variations can make your first game more exciting. Before heading to the casino to play with real money, try it out for free to gain experience at it. The question that arises here would be of the best mode of learning the game. You can opt for any of the methods at your convenience. While some casinos offer classes on how to play video poker, there are options like books and software that can help you out too.

Reading Books

Books on Video Poker

1.      The Second Edition of The Video Poker Edge

Linda Boyd wrote ‘The Video Poker Edge’ to introduce the basic rules of video poker, which was widely accepted by the avid gambler. The book that was published in 2006 covers eight common poker games that have good payouts and easy gameplay. Boyd has explained the correct way to play the common hands in all eight games to receive an optimal payout. Tear out the reference cards provided in the book and take it to casinos to receive the benefit.

2.      The Video Poker Answer Book

Published in 2004, The Video Poker Answer Book was written by John Grochowski. He has covered the aspects of the working of the machine and the basic strategy of video poker. Gaining an edge on all types of video poker is focused on by Grochowski, and they have been appropriately analysed to help the gamblers.

3.      Frugal Video Poker

Jean Scott penned this book and got it published in 2006. Frugal Video poker focuses on methods to look for various pay schedules and strategies to play them. You can also find the best ways to prolong your play if you are not aiming at the profits but entertainment. Bridge concepts and methods to improve results are also explained in the book, apart from the basics.

Video Poker Software

Video Poker Software

1.      Video Poker for Winners

Bob Dancer came up with the idea of the Video Poker for Winners software and created it for both beginners and seasoned players. The software gives you a tour through a tutorial of the game, strategies, slot club paybacks, unusual hands, expected value, real video poker screens, and much more.

2.      Optimum Video Poker

This software was developed by Dan Paymar to teach the aspiring players the correct techniques, and in the process, you get to choose the strategy chart you want to learn. It is available as a disc only on Mac and Windows.


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